A Mentor for all Times | Meeting the legendary Dr.Zafrullah Chowdhury in Bangladesh


Dr.Zafrullah Chowdhury needs no introduction to anyone in the world of health care, more so for those who work with drug-free therapies in treating pain and related ailments. He has been a friend and mentor to CMRA and its team, with Jamline Scaria, who had in collaboration with Dr Chowdhury, developed the Physio Fusion Therapy, a new, holistic method to cure diseases without the use of conventional medicine.

Hence, it was a blessed opportunity to meet the legendary healthcare visionary of Bengladesh, Dr.Zafrullah Chowdhury again, whose very concept towards health care system and patients care helped mould CMRA to what it is today.

Though the NGO headed by him known as Gonoshasthaya Kendra has one of the biggest pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh, his advise for the healthcare givers had always been “All the therapies are not drug therapy,” always exploring healing methods to cure ailments using the most minimal of drugs. Needless to say, his dedicated effort in promoting Physiotherapy and other non-drug concepts have helped make huge strides in the healthcare domain in Bangladesh, gradually spreading to other countries across the globe.

It is his vision that we at CMRA carry forward, singularly inspired by his work, addressing and treating musculoskeletal problems, allergies and other chronic diseases in shortest possible time with drug-free therapies. Our approaches include unique blends of Physiotherapy with traditional Ayurvedic Trigger point therapy, NAET, the Gerson way of Healing and Stress Management and many more.

Thank you Dr.Zafrullah Chowdhury for your guidance and well wishes always.

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