Physio Fusion Therapy Treatment Protocol

Physio Fusion Therapy (PFT)

CRMA’s Physio Fusion Therapists design a therapy plan unique to each individual’s conditions. PFT, which is an alternative therapy, not only concentrate around your pain areas, but also on other, associated areas. The reason is such areas may have problems and be the actual cause of a particular pain.

Our healing therapy strongly emphasize on finding and treating the cause(s) of your pain—and not just on the symptoms.

PFT’s four stages of pain treatment help you lead a pain-free or less-constrained life.

Stage1: Normalize Muscles

The musculoskeletal conditions and muscle tissues are the main strictures that generate pain. It in turn makes the muscles go into a protective spasm and develop trigger points. Thus, there will be a deviation in postural alignment, which increases the pain and results in degenerative changes.

Whatever the problem, our pain specialist start treatment for your pain first by normalizing the muscles and other soft tissues.

The treatment concentrates on pain relief by treating spasm, trigger points on the muscles and fascia and inflammation reduction (if it’s present), and using various combinations of non-drug therapies that include:

  • Alternative traditional treatment elements from ayurveda,
  • PFT-developed trigger point releasing methods
  • Physio Fusion Therapy

During this stage, patients can stop taking their pain-killing medicines. Also, no exercise is advised until your muscles and soft tissues and joints become normal.

Stage 2: Normalize Joints and Regain Normal Length-Tension of Soft-Tissues

The muscles and ligaments around the joints should have the normal length and tension for the efficient functioning of the joints. In all musculoskeletal conditions, however, soft tissues lose their normal length and tension due to pain and prolonged inactivity. Thus joints become tight, losing their normal bio-mechanical movements, giving the frozen joints.

To recover the normal or possible and available bio-mechanical movements and functions of the joints, the alternative treatment in this stage include:

  • positional massaging
  • joint mobilization and stretching exercises

These help recover the normal length-tension of muscles, align joints normally and regain the normal bio-mechanical function of the joints.

Stage 3: Regain Normal Strength of the Muscles

The treatments in this stage include strengthening exercises and yoga. These help the joints regain their original strength and function.

Stage 4: Do it yourself (DIY)

In the final stage of Physio Fusion Therapy, we prescribe a home-exercise plan. It includes yoga, ergonomic training and self-treatment.

If you follow the plan and a healthy lifestyle, we assure you that you can live a pain-free life and prevent the recurrence of pain.

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