Amit Tanej

I would like to thank Dr. Jamline and his entire staff at CMRA for the services rendered by them to me and my wife.

I had minor discomfort in the lower back (tail bone) mainly due to sedentary lifestyle. Dr. Jamline, identified the root cause of the problem and gave a combination of cold pack and hot pack treatment along with pressure point therapy. In the very first session I felt much better and after a week long treatment, I was completely cured of my pain.

Dr. Jamline is very dedicated individual, who will go out of his way to help you overcome all kinds of pains lingering on your body. He was very helpful and accommodating. He treated my wife who was suffering from severe lumbar pain, which had impacted her movement. In a few sessions she was able to move around. And in later sessions, she gradually got rid of the nagging pain. We are very thankful to CMRA for the treatment and Dr. Jamline in particular.

We would gladly recommend Dr. Jamline/CMRA to anyone and everyone who has any pain in any part of the human body. Amazing thing about him is that he has a magical touch and the pain goes away without a pill or a prick!.

Wishing Dr. Jamline and all his team at CMRA continued success!

Warm Regds,
Amit Tanej

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