PFT treatment at community level

PFT can be utilized very effectively at community level as a part of community non drug therapy even the remote areas where there is no electricity even. People from rural areas are always ignored by all the technologies including medical field. But neediest are more in the rural areas especially in all third world countries. The reasons are many,

  • lack of professionals,
  • lack of specialized hospitals,
  • poverty
  • un education
  • lack of awareness specialized medical system
  • lack of infrastructure and facilities like building, transportation, electricity etc

But health problems especially musculoskeletal problems and neurological problems are prevalent more in the rural areas. Many a times, the people in rural areas seek help from local non medical fake health professionals, priest, black magicians etc. or ignoring proper medical aid until things get worse. By the time they approach proper things become severe and they end up with permanent deformities.

PFT is a great solution for musculoskeletal problems, geriatric care and treatment for stroke etc. It is cost effective and safe method for implementing physiotherapy at community level and has been usefully implementing the treatment method at Gonoshasthaya Hospital in Bangladesh.

PFT as Community Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy has very ineluctable role at community level for prevention of diseases, rehabilitation and treatment of various musculoskeletal problems but most of the times the rural areas can not be carryout as effectively as in the urban area or specialized hospital due to various reasons.

  • Many of the Physiotherapy treatment need electrotherapy machines which needs electric current. The places where there is no electricity it is impossible to operate.
  • Cost of the machines are quite high
  • To operate machines needs specialist

But PFT method of treatment is very easy to carry out at community level and even home setting. PFT treatment can be used as an alternative to the many of the physiotherapy treatment which needs electrical equipment. PFT is pain eliminating treatment which doesn’t need any pain masking equipments to stop pain.

Advantage of this fusion therapy is faster relief, easily gain confidence of the patient, no drug administration for pain related to musculoskeletal problem. More over hands on treatment will give consoling feeling and mental well being to the patients especially in geriatric care.

A well trained paramedics, nurses, or Physiotherapy technicians can provide treatment under the supervision of a Physiotherapist.

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