The term sciatica commonly used for any kind of pain radiating down to the back side of the leg along the pathway of sciatic nerve. Many time diagnosis is focused on sciatic nerve irritation but it many not be the causes always, trigger point formation on muscles also can generate sciatica kind of pain.

Causes of Sciatica

Disc prolapse: sciatic nerve is longest nerve formed by union of five nerve roots from back and it runs behind the leg from back to feet. Herniated disc some time irritate the nerve root and creates severe radiating pain. Area of pain distribution depends on extent and area of disc prolapse.

Spondylitis changes of the spine: narrowing of nerve foramens or degenerative changes of vertebras some time irritates the nerve root results radiating pain.

Trigger point formation: Activation of hiding trigger points of back muscles, thigh and lower leg muscles creates severe referred pain which is similar to neurological deficit.

Muscle spasm and tightness:During sciatic nerve courses it branches and piers through muscles at different areas. Spasm and tightness some time compress the branches of sciatic nerve and causes pain at different areas of leg it is also known as pseudo sciatica.

Weak muscles: some time weak muscles unable to maintain the posture which results in to excess strain on the back. Weak abdominal muscles exaggerate the spinal curvature, some time slipping of vertebra on over another known as spondylolisthesis which results undue pressure at nerve root and generate radiating pain.

Piriformis syndrome: piriformis is a muscle which present deep at buttocks. 15% population sciatic nerve passes through the muscles. Any contracture or spasm on this muscles due to various reasons, compress the sciatic nerve results severe radiating pain and neurological deficits.

Tumors: any abnormal growth either benign or cancerous can generate sciatic pain

Symptoms of Sciatica

Pain any where in the back side of the leg or buttocks. Some time numbness, tingling sensation or muscle weakness along with pain.

PFT treatment for Sciatica

PFT has developed effective treatment for sciatica which may be acute or very chronic. Sciatic pain treatment depends on the causative factors responsible for the sciatica pain. PFT has its own method of treatment with out drug administration for each causative factor.

Advantages of PFT treatment for Sciatica
You can avoid spinal surgeries
Treatment focused on root causes of the problem
Speedier pain reduction and recovery
No dugs for treatment
No electromagnetic waves for treatment
Releases stress points and triggering points from the muscles
Absolutely no side effect
Activates bodies natural healing mechanism
No diet restrictions
No activity restriction
Chances of pain recurrence is very low if you follow the instructions and perform the exercises after recovery by PFT
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