Many of you may experience severe pain on your body which does not respond to any medication or other means of treatment. Your doctor might have told you that actually you donít have any problem or it is psychological!. The problem may be hiding in the trigger points on your muscles. The trigger points are small lumpy knots in the formation on your muscles. It generates severe localized or radiating pain and numbness which are many times unknown. Trigger points also present with all kinds of musculoskeletal problems. Sometime musculoskeletal problems activate hiding silent trigger points.

How does trigger points form?

A muscle is made up of millions of tiny micro fibers known as sarcomere. The action of muscle is enabled by crossing each other and releasing each other of these fibers. Some times few bundles of fibers remain in crossed position for long time instead of releasing. This unreleased tight bundle becomes pain generating trigger points.

For efficient function of a muscle, it need to have normal length and tension, it is neither too tight nor too loose. Unreleased muscle fibers alter the normal length and tension of the muscles that create excess strain on the joints where muscles got inserted. It not only alters the joint alignment some time lead to arthritis because the tighten muscles compress the joint and thus reduces joint space and activates degenerative responses too. Spasmodic lumpy muscles some time tightened the nerves or small blood vessels results ache and neurological deficits.

What causes trigger points?

Stress: both physical and mental stress can generate trigger points on the muscles. Mental stress usually causes stress around neck muscles, face. Eg tension head ache

Injury : when ever any injury happens, it stimulate spinal reflexes as a protective mechanism. Spinal reflexes cause sudden strong protective contraction of muscles to protect you from further injury this lead to muscle spasm. Some time after this contraction few bundles muscle fibers never release and form trigger points.

Chronic muscles spasm: also lead to formation of trigger points.

Diabetes: changes electrochemical action of muscles lead to trigger points

Thyroid problem: hypothyroidism is one of the major risk factor of formation of trigger points it can generate trigger points any where in the body

Fibromayalgia: trigger point formation is very high in Fibromyalgia and this generate diffuse pain on the body.

Symptoms of trigger points

  • Localized pain
  • Referred pain
  • Burning sensation
  • Tingling sensation
  • cramps and lumpy muscles

Trigger points also can generate ,

  • head ache and scalp numbness
  • neck pain
  • Jew pain
  • radiating pain and tingling sensation down to hand
  • elbow pain
  • upper back pain
  • pain around shoulder blade(scapula)
  • lower back pain
  • radiating pain and tingling sensation to leg
  • sciatica pain
  • hip pain
  • male and female genital pain
  • knee pain
  • shin bone pain
  • plantar pains

How to release trigger points

Since many time trigger point generate pain which are similar to many other conditions, misleading diagnosis is very common. Trigger point also can generate in association with several other musculoskeletal conditions. So the realization of the trigger point is very important to get rid of any pain. In PFT trigger point releasing, it not only releases the trigger points but also treats the entire muscles.

As per our experience Trigger points can generate any part of the muscles, it is very difficult to pin point them in each conditions. Only experienced hand can find out the hiding trigger points.

PFT has excellent method of finding and releasing them permanently and medicine required. Though it is hands on body treatment, it is entirely different from acupressure or acupuncture. To release the trigger point, one needs an expert hand , because knowing the body and quality of the muscle is very important. Each human body is different, in case of treatment with over pressure or treatment at wrong place might aggravate pain. The treatments for trigger points are associated with inflammatory conditions or thyroid problems etc. They need special care. More over some of the ethnic also need special care.

Until trigger points get release there is no exercise. Exercise aggravates trigger points pain. Once muscle become completely normal followed by various exercises to regain its normal function there by muscles can work more efficiently and pain free.

Advantages of PFT treatment for Trigger Points
Speedier recovery
Stops referred pain
No dugs for treatment
No electromagnetic waves for treatment
Absolutely no side effect
Activates bodies natural healing mechanism
No diet restrictions
NO activity restrictions
Improves normal physiology of the muscles and soft tissues
Chances of pain recurrence is very low if you follow the instructions and perform the exercises after recovery by PFT
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