What is Cervical Vertigo?

Do you feel dizziness or things are moving around you? It can be cervical vertigo, which can make you unsteady. Certain posture of the neck or movement of it in a particular direction can make you dizzy.

Cervical Vertigo Causes

Here are the causes of cervical vertigo:

  • Neck problems like stiff neck, cervical spondylitis and the dysfunction of upper cervical vertebrae (C1-C2).
  • Vertebral artery compression due to degenerative changes and neck motion. This compression causes the cessation of circulation towards the brain.
  • Middle- and inner-ear problems and infection. The fluids inside the ears play a great role to control the balance mechanism of the human body. Any malfunction in the control causes cervical vertigo.
  • Whiplash to the head, injury to the head or stroke can also cause cervical vertigo.

Cervical Vertigo Treatment

Physio Fusion Therapy (PFT) offers effective treatment for cervical vertigo. In PFT, we use ancient ayurvedic heating method, soft tissue mobilization and gentle manipulation techniques. A home-exercise regime follows the first-phase of PFT treatment for cervical vertigo.

Advantages of PFT treatment for Cervical Vertigo
Speedier recovery
No dugs for treatment
Absolutely no side effect
No diet restrictions
No activity restriction
Chances of pain recurrence is very low if you follow the instructions and perform the exercises after recovery by PFT
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