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Non Drug Treatment in Bangalore

Why use drug? when pain can be cured drugless !

Today’s stress-filled environment, sedentary lifestyle and computer-related jobs are taking a heavy toll on the health of people. The resulting musculoskeletal pain is a bane that affects the quality of life.

The conventional treatment rubs salt to the wound, because it focuses only on the symptoms and not on the causes.

True, the patient may find temporary pain relief with a “customary” treatment. Yet, the problem may resurface with severe pain and new injuries. All these may require a surgery. It, unfortunately, also may not give a complete relief. Why? Because, the causes like trigger points and muscle spasm “hide in the dark”, beyond the reach of the surgical scalpel.

In fact surgery and medicines cannot cure bone deformity, muscle tightness / spasm and trigger points—the “monsters” that breed and nurture musculoskeletal pain.

There’s light, fortunately, at the end of the tunnel: Welcome to the world of Physio Fusion Therapy (PFT). The trusted principles of medical sciences serve as a strong foundation for this breakthrough therapy. Back pain treatments in India.

PFT effectively attacks the causes of pain and gives complete pain relief—without medicines. The Therapy paves the way for the patient to regain his / her health and lead a productive life. What’s more, with PFT, the patient has one more reason to rejoice—there are no side effects. Drug free treatments in India.

A salient feature of PFT is that it tracks the root of the pain—the pain area and any associated areas with the goal to make the therapy efficient and effective.

At CMRA, experienced therapists analyze the patient’s needs and provide a therapy for a complete pain relief.

Our specialist harness the power of trigger-point therapy, Physiotherapy, Ayurveda, yoga and other to effectively treat various musculoskeletal ailments.

CMRA has a single goal: To provide pain relief and help lead a normal life.

We personally invite you to visit our Center and discuss your problems, explore the infrastructure and discover how PFT can help drive your life on a track of good health.

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