Patient stories

I have been frequenting the consultation chambers of famous Orthopedic Doctors during the past few years because of the pains I have been suffering due to Cervical and Lumbar IVDP, Sciatica, Tendonitis, Bursitis, Muscle Spam, Gofers and Tennis Elbow, and severe pain and swelling on both knee joints. Analgesics and Anti-inflammatory drugs were prescribed liberally along with the conventional physiotherapy, only rendering partial relief for a while. The long term dependents on the chemicals had left me with acute gastritis too. My productivity as a professional was getting affected severely. That is when I learned from my friend who was in an acute condition due to Lumbar IVDP and who was treated at CMRA by Dr.Jamline Scaria –the pioneer in Physio Fusion Therapy (PFTP – with 100% relief of the condition with “No Drugs”. PFT is the most recent Scientific Technique, and exciting therapeutic innovation combining elements for Reflexology, Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Energy Technique (MET) and Ayurveda, the ancient Indian Healing System for diseases related to bones, joints, muscles and tendons, everything tailored to the needs of the individual patient for relief of pain, cure and rehabilitation.
On my first visit to CMRA, Jamline conveyed the trust and care I was looking for. After a month of intense treatment I am totally free of pain. The tight and stiff muscles have been mobilized fully and I experience tremendous sense of well being. All my joints have become extremely light.
I would convincingly refer to Physio Fusion Therapy at CMRA as a tailor made curative and rehabilitative intervention, totally drug-free, and I strongly recommend it to every person suffering from pain and dysfunction related to bones, joints, muscles, tendons etc. For Dr. Jamline Scaria, the human body in pain is his primary concern and it takes priority over everything else. He is ever available to render maximum service, and will not leave untackled even the minute location of the origin of pain experienced by the patient. He is persistent with his technique until 100% cure and rehabilitation is made possible. He has got such thorough knowledge on the anatomy of the human body and this aids him extensively in combining the different systems and to tailor this purely scientific technique to individual patients. The highly qualified and experienced Physiotherapist he is, Jamline has an artistic skill and has become as specialist in the massage techniques of Ayurveda with judicious use of aromatic oils. He handles human body with so much respect and reverence and his heart goes out to the person in pain and discomfort. The highly scientific and professional service is rendered with great compassion and the treatment and cure provided by him at CMRA is beyond compare.
I am Sr. Vijaya, a Holy Cross Sister presently residing at the Holy Cross Provincialte community, Lucknow, U.P. I have been in the hospital context since 1975. From the clinical field I moved over to administration in 1995, and since then have taken up responsibilities in Multispecialty Tertiary Care Hospitals in the North and North East India as its CEO. The last office I held is at Manipal Hospital, Bangalore, as Director-Administration.
When it comes to the management of pain and dysfunction, Physio Fusion Therapy is my first option. I wish Dr. Jamline Scaria God’s blessings to make available his innovative technique to many many suffering people, and to pass on his professional expertise to those who would genuinely practice it.

During my career as a professional sportsman (I have represented Bangladesh Cricket Team from 1985 to 1988 and have played professional cricket from 1980 to 2003), I have been subject to quite a few injuries during my career and have had to visit professional physiotherapist at home at abroad for my treatment.
I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Mr. JAMLINE SCARIA couple of years ago at a friend’s house. My back has been subject to injuries for a while and when finally I aggravated it I visited several top class hospitals in Dhaka without any progress and I finally decided to visit Mr. Jamline Scaria .
The moment he started his treatment I instantly knew that I had hit the jackpot. Mr. Jamline Scaria is a man of very gentle and caring nature and the treatment that he offered was outstanding, firstly he took me off from all the pain killers and then started giving me treatment based on massage (by himself) and ultra-sound, making sure he personally concentrates on the body parts that required the treatment.
His devotion toward his patient is outstanding; making sure that his patient’s are comfortable and un-believably spends an hour on each session and also advising them with proper follow-up exercises. It did not took me long to recover but I must confess his treatment was excellent and a very professional one and I will also go on to say that the best treatment that I have had so far.
As I mentioned earlier I have had physiotherapy treatment before but none better than the one I received from Mr. Jamline Scaria and I wish him all the success.

I would like to thank Dr. Jamline and his entire staff at CMRA for the services rendered by them to me and my wife.
I had minor discomfort in the lower back (tail bone) mainly due to sedentary lifestyle. Dr. Jamline, identified the root cause of the problem and gave a combination of cold pack and hot pack treatment along with pressure point therapy. In the very first session I felt much better and after a week long treatment, I was completely cured of my pain.
Dr. Jamline is very dedicated individual, who will go out of his way to help you overcome all kinds of pains lingering on your body. He was very helpful and accommodating. He treated my wife who was suffering from severe lumbar pain, which had impacted her movement. In a few sessions she was able to move around. And in later sessions, she gradually got rid of the nagging pain. We are very thankful to CMRA for the treatment and Dr. Jamline in particular.
We would gladly recommend Dr. Jamline/CMRA to anyone and everyone who has any pain in any part of the human body. Amazing thing about him is that he has a magical touch and the pain goes away without a pill or a prick!.
Wishing Dr. Jamline and all his team at CMRA continued success!

When I came to CMRA in November, I was in a way pathetic situation. I was having terrible lower back pain so much so that I would hardly move an inch forget about walking. It was a very rare situation since I was three months pregnant &could not take any medicine to get relief from the pain.
I had heard about CMRA from a neighbor. I had heard that they treat all kinds of pains, aches etc. Without any medicine first by some pressure point therapy & Physio therapy. I decided to try my luck at CMRA.
I came using a walker and in 2-3 weeks, after some 8-10 session of therapy at CMRA, I was walking on my feet without any support. It was really a “MIRACLE”! & that too without taking a single medicine!
I would like to extend my gratitude & thanks to Dr. Jamline & the entire team at CMRA for relieving me from the acute pain.
The entire team at CMRA- Dr Jamline, Anju & Sounya are extremely diligent, patient & helpful. I have been taking the therapy since the past 3 months ( initially daily, now once/twice a week) and intend to do so till the end of my pregnancy.
I hope & pray that many more people who suffer from similar back ache problem get benefit out of this therapy.

It was 2011 when my wife suddenly complained about back pain after a trip. She had very bad back pain and started complaining about not able to wake up from bed. We met an orthopedic doctor Mr. Mahesh. He suggested a CT and seeing the reports he said disk bulge and asked us to come for physiotherapy every day. I took my wife for physiotherapy every day for 3 months. In-between Dr.Mahesh suggested to come to his special clinic and get a pain management injection on spine. After the injection, it took 6 hours for my wife to recover back her consciousness and she felt somewhat better. One day evening when I was in office I got a call from my wife that she is not able to get up from bed and her spine is more struck. I rushed back home and found that she was bed ridden. I must support her to take her to hospital with my little daughter who was 6 years to the same Dr. Mahesh. He checked and suggested one more CT from the same place. The results showed no improvement. Now the Doctor suggested the next grade of Spine surgery. He said come and get admitted we need to do a spine surgery immediately. I was scared. That is the time my friend called me and asked me to come to a place called CMRA. I had no hope on Ayurveda and no hope on person giving treatment. With not even a 5% hope I visited this place. My wife was not able to sit so she was on the back seat of the car. When we came in with all our MRI report I was expecting him to see the report and give his view but he asked us to sit and wait for few minutes filling a form. After 5 minutes, he asked my wife to come in. We went inside and I started explaining about disk bulge and all about the report he smiled I could not get anything from that. He just checked my wife spine. After few minutes, he just pushed her leg towards her chest and told her the following “The pain would have gone now but it will re-appear after 5 minutes and you just wait outside”. My wife who was not able to sit in the car now started walking and coming out and I was shocked to see her. The pain appeared after 5 min. I saw the God on that day in the name of Mr. Jamilne. He then explained me slowly that if you take CT of 100 people more than 50% will have this disk bulge in the report. But they may be normal and then he suggested the treatment for my wife for 30 days. During this treatment, she was asked to drive bike and do whatever she cannot do. She started doing everything and became active again. There are very few in this world now who do treatment with touch and feel and it is still active in India in CMRA. I have seen people from Foreign countries come here for treatment. I have taken many people for treatment here and everyone has seen a cure.

The miracle didn’t stop at this point. After this my wife was pregnant and she delivered a baby girl. The baby was dark and had lot of red dots on the face. The baby use to cry loud during night for 3-4 hours nonstop and pass motion. We took her to close to 10 doctors and everyone said it is usual and common. As a parent, we were not able to digest this. One day I had a chance to talk to Mr Jamiline about this and he asked me to bring the 2 months old baby. We took her and he checked using the NAET allergy elimination and said there is problem between small and large intestine and he just eliminated. In few minutes when I was holding the baby outside I could see the red marks on the face started disappearing and we also saw the baby color started changing. From that night the baby started sleeping well. He also suggested to remove other allergy using the NAET and we did that and the baby started doing very fine and now she is a very sharp girl in the class. Thanks to the ancient inventions which are now made available through the NAET by Mr. Jamiline.