At the Centre for Musculoskeletal Pain, RSI and Arthritis (CMRA) Bengaluru, we believe that all illnesses are the end result of a combination of lack of nutrition, allergies, sedentary lifestyles, toxicity and stress on the human body, and that addressing the specific illness should take all of these into consideration for effective healing and well being.

The conventional treatment method of treating the various health issues of the human body, especially musculoskeletal anomalies with a uni-directional approach in treatment might not be successful all the time. The path to healing is obvious, and has naturally become our path of choice.

We have a multi-directional approach for musculoskeletal disorders and pain management with various non-drug combinations of which Physio Fusion Therapy is at the forefront.

Physiotherapy with traditional Ayurveda, Trigger Point Pain Therapy, Myofascial Release Therapy, NAET, Nutrition correction, Stress Management and many more – CMRA’s treatment is holistic so we can treat all your musculoskeletal problems in the shortest possible time with out any medicine.