Sports Injuries- Types and Prevention


Sports activities result in sports injuries. And occur while practicing a sport or performing rigorous exercises.
Sports injuries occur due to long hours of training, skipping of warm-up and wrong postures. For the prevention of sports injuries, you should exercise the right way. We found these sports injuries are common:

Types Of Sports Injuries

1. Achilles Tendon Injuries- Achilles Tendon is a tissue that connects the lower half of the heel to the calf. The situation of Achilles tendinitis arises due to overexertion, usage of inappropriate shoes and insufficient stretching.
2. Broken bones- Broken bones occur on the exertion of a sudden force. If severe it could be a fracture.
3. Dislocation- Dislocation occurs if the bone dispositions from its normal place. It is often confused with a broken bone.
4. Jumper’s Knee- It occurs when the tissue which links the knee cap to the thigh muscle gets inflamed.
5. Little league Elbow- This injury negatively impairs growth in the elbow. And it worsens with activities like throw ball.
6. Rotator Cuff Injuries- A shoulder swelling caused due to swimming or golfing.
7. Runner’s knee- Over exertion of the leg by walking or running results in pain hitting the knee area.
8. Sprains- Sprains occur if there is a ligament tear in the area adjoining the joints. Further, the degree of the sprain depends on whether the ligament is stretched or torn.
9. Strain- It affects the muscles and occurs while walking or running.  In addition, it leads to inactivity in the affected area.

10 Tennis Elbow- It is pain in the elbow caused due to rigorous activities like golfing or tennis.

Preventive Measures

One should stretch before and after completion of the workout regimen. Because it helps the body ease into the exercise and this helps in the prevention of sports injuries due to sudden jerks. The use of good quality sports equipment helps stay safe. Subsequently, one must stay hydrated and replenish energy reserves by regularly sipping on water.


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