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Whether you are into sports or dance, whether you are a teenager or elderly, knee pain can take the pleasure out of your daily activities. And even spoil your career if it has physical activities involved. Knee joint ailments can happen even if you are not physically active. From arthritis to lower back problems and nutritional deficiency, the reasons for knee joint pain are diverse.

And for the same reason, it’s not advisable to mask the pain with medicines. An effective treatment would require finding out the root cause and addressing it, be it correction of joints or regeneration and strengthening of cartilages and ligaments.


  • Sports injuries to ligaments, cartilages muscle tendons etc.
  • Overuse: It includes muscle strain, tendonitis and bursitis. Overuse of the knee joint may also lead to a swollen knee
  • Degenerative like various arthritic changes
  • Postural deformities or misalignment of knee joints or any other associated joins like hip or ankle
  • Trigger point formation and muscle spasm
  • Lower back problems
  •  Frozen knee joint
  •  Allergic reactions
  •  Nutritional deficiency
  •  Infections

Treatments for Knee Pain

Knee joint replacement surgeries become very common with elderly people world wide, which in most cases, are highly avoidable. In conventional treatment approaches, the knee pain treatment is focused only around the knee, and emphasizes on masking the pain by using strong pain killers and other drugs like cortisone injections.

At CMRA, we use the multi-channel approach, wherein rather than treating the pain directly, we address the root causes with our different combinations of drug-less therapies, the most common of them being Physio Fusion Therapy (blend of traditional ayurveda without the herbal concoctions), Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Releasing Technique, Physiotherapy that includes various mobilization technique, alignment correction of same or associated joints and exercises. NAET treatment for various arthritis, ligament and cartilages strengthening and regeneration and for various allergy related arthritis.

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Healed & Happy

Debesh Khattoi

I had the wonderful opportunity to get treated by Dr. Jamline Scaria at CMRA, AECS Layout Bangalore.
At that time, I was limping badly with a tendon pull just below the ankle on my right leg, a side effect of plantar fasciatis apparently. I had tried traditional physical Therapy with ultrasound and had checked with Orthopedic specialist.
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