Jamlin Scaria, the pioneer in Physio Fusion Therapy, heads the Centre for Musculoskeletal Pain, RSI and Arthritis (CMRA)

Jamlin Scaria is a leading physiotherapist and a former Head of the Physio Fusion Therapy Department at the Gonoshasthaya Nagor Hospital, Dhaka. He was also an Associate Professor in the Physiotherapy College at Gonoshasthaya University, an NGO that manages various health projects through national and international agencies and pioneers the promotion of rural health.

During his stint at Gonoshasthaya University, Jamlin Scaria had the opportunity to learn and practice under the stellar guidance of Zafrullah Chowdhury, Chairman of Gonoshasthaya Kendra, Recipient of the prestigious Magsaysay and the International Public Health Heroes awards.


In collaboration with Dr Chowdhury, Jamlin Scaria developed the Physio Fusion Therapy, which is a new, holistic method to cure diseases without the use of conventional medicine.

Now, the revolutionary Physio Fusion Therapy has gained immense popularity and has helped treat thousands of patients with musculoskeletal pain from across the globe at CMRA Bengaluru. With an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, musculoskeletal pain is becoming a major public health hazard. A large number of people are prone to various kinds of pain, and a pain free, drugless treatment comes as a boon to those seeking liberty from various aches. Of late, the incidence of musculoskeletal pain and RSI has caused alarm in many organisations, recent articles research has confirmed it. Various studies have reported a very high prevalence of musculoskeletal pain and RSI.


As many as 90 percent of the people working in the Information Technology domain, and 60 percent of the general population experience acute musculo-skeletal pain at some point in their life.

Our mission is giving relief to their pain without medicines which may cause many other problems.