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Common Musculoskeletal pains during Pregnancy

Is a new life taking shape within you? The excitement levels must be at an all-time high, but is the discomfort dampening your spirit? Suffering from Musculoskeletal pains is common during pregnancy and it most often occurs in these spots.


It is a condition that 50-90% of pregnant ladies deal with. Occurring in the lower portion of the back the pain might travel to the leg or foot.  It is a result of the weight gain that happens in the course of pregnancy. Treating the pain in its initial stage can help ease it and physically strenuous activities trigger it. Few precautionary measures involve posture corrections, sitting with back support, stretching, and exercising.

Pelvic area

A major cause of this pain is the weight which the growing baby exerts on the pelvic floor. As the due date is nearing, the body releases a hormone called relaxin. This hormone proves to be beneficial in loosening the ligaments for the passage of the baby. But besides that, it has an impact on the muscles in the pelvic region which causes pain. Few simple ways to counter this include a shower with warm water, practicing pelvic exercises, and keeping your legs elevated.


Muscle cramps are common during pregnancy, particularly in the last trimester. One might experience it in any part of the body but it most often occurs in the legs. It comes without warning and inflicts a sharp pain on the affected area. These cramps result from a calcium or magnesium deficiency. You can remedy this by stretching the affected area or contracting the opposite muscle.

Sciatic Nerve

It is the nerve that stretches from the spinal cord into each leg. Expansion of the uterus and the development of the fetus exerts pressure on this nerve which leads to sciatica. This leads to inflammation and severe pain. Having a past history of slip disk increases the probability of being inflicted by sciatica. A warm shower, controlled weight gain, sleeping on the opposite side, and some form of activity helps in easing the pain to a certain extent.

Pregnancy is accompanied by a series of psychological and physical changes. Along with it the hormonal changes and the weight gain, result in consequences that impact the musculoskeletal system. Today’s fast-paced lifestyle also contributes to musculoskeletal pains that occur during pregnancy. Popping a pill offers temporary relief but don’t you need a permanent cure for you and your child’s well-being? At CMRA Bengaluru you can relieve yourself from these aches and pains minus the consumption of drugs. Choose us, and allow Physio Fusion Therapy to heal you. Enjoy every trimester of your pregnancy by making it a pain-free experience.