Stressed at Work ?

Then, sadly, you are prone to RSI, a condition that results from increased levels of stress at workplaces where you have no ergonomic support or rest. The RSI itself is not a disease, it is number of conditions resulting from frequent and excessive stress on the body due to awkward posture. It causes soft tissue injuries, trigger point formation on muscles followed by inflammatory response and pain.

These pain points can be anywhere in the body and that makes diagnosis tough for someone who’s not an expert on this. We start the treatment by identifying if the cause is superficial or with deeper tissues. And the second phase involves releasing those trigger points so the pain relief is permanent.

Repetitive Strain Injury Treatment

Trigger points can generate any part of the muscles, it is very difficult to pin point them in each conditions. Finding and realising trigger points are very tricky, very expert hand only able to find and release the trigger points from superficial to deeper tissues. In case of treatment with over pressure or treatment at wrong place might aggravate pain. Trigger pints associated with inflammation and muscle spasm needs special care.

PFT has excellent methods of finding and releasing them permanently and medicine required. Along with the release of trigger points, we will correct the basic vitamin deficiencies which required for normal healthy muscles.

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Healed & Happy

Amit Thaneja

I would like to thank Dr. Jamline and his entire staff at CMRA for the services rendered by them to me and my wife. I had minor discomfort in the lower back (tail bone) mainly due to sedentary lifestyle. Dr. Jamline, identified the root cause of the problem and gave a combination of cold pack and hot pack treatment along with pressure point therapy. In the very first session I felt much better and after a week long treatment, I was completely cured of my pain.
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