Repetitive Strain Injuries | Growing Threat and Measures for Prevention

Repetitive Strain Injuries Meaning causes types and preventive measures get yourself treated at CMRA Bengaluru

What are Repetitive Strain Injuries?

Repetitive Strain Injuries or (RSI), is a condition that occurs on repeated damage to a muscle, tendon, or nerve. It results from over-exertion due to repeatedly performing certain actions. Typing for a long duration of time, maneuvering the mouse, handling tools, and sports activities could be the cause of Repetitive Strain Injuries.

Types of Repetitive Strain Injuries

But Repetitive Strain Injuries aren’t of one type. If there is compression in the median nerve it is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, inflammation in the Bursae (the fluid-filled sac above the joints) causes Bursitis, Rotator Cuff Tendinitis signifies tension in the shoulder muscles and Tennis Elbow occurs if there is discomfort in the elbow. Swelling, stiffness, numbness, or throbbing pain in the neck, wrists, shoulders, or elbows are factors that indicate that you might be suffering from RSI.

Can WFH increase the risk of Repetitive Strain Injuries?

This pandemic has bound everyone to their houses with the Work from Home setup, as a result of which there is a greater probability of being inflicted by RSI. Being seated in a non-work setup can cause discomfort. While tapping away behind your laptop in an incorrect posture are you ignoring those stabs of pain on your back, neck, wrists, or forearms? You are unaware of the damage that you are causing yourself. Because in a way you are making your body susceptible to acquire RSI.

Preventive Measures

There is a lot that you can do to save yourself from this agony. For starters, you could begin by sitting with your back straight. You can further reduce stress by maintaining a distance of 45-70 centimeters between yourself and the monitor. For more comfort a laptop stand is worth purchasing. Along with positioning your laptop right you can try placing your elbow in a comfortable way, using keyboard shortcuts and resting your hand at regular intervals. Using a full-size keyboard and an ergonomic mouse further helps in abating the stress levels.

Besides the manner sit in, taking a break at regular intervals is something that you should make a mention of in your to-do list. Walking or doing yoga are welcome distractions that contribute to your well-being. Including a series of stretching exercises also offers relief. You could implement a few easy ones like rolling of the wrist, neck rolls and forearm stretches. Even a set of breathing exercises make a difference. To relieve your eyes from stress you can simply place your fingers on your forehead and your palms on your eyes. But apart from all this, it’s important to set your limits. As much as the work pressure is its best to stick to a fixed schedule to restrict strain and stress levels.

Treating Repetitive Strain Injuries

But despite all the above-stated if you feel that there is even a remote possibility of you suffering from RSI consult a Doctor. At CMRA Bengaluru we offer a holistic treatment for RSI, apart from curing the condition the treatment involves correcting the vitamin deficiencies. Your body deserves all the care you can give it, with Physio Fusion Therapy we can make your muscles healthy again.