Sciatica- Risk Factors and Treatment

Sciatica and its Treatment

Sciatica, what are the signs which suggest an individual is suffering from this condition? The indicative factors are numbness in the lower portion of the body, lack of bladder control, pain on movement, and a pinprick like sensation in the feet. If you are experiencing any of these difficulties you might be suffering from Sciatica.

What is Sciatica?

The body has a Sciatic nerve. This nerve stretches from the spinal cord into each leg. Furthermore, the problems triggered in this nerve are called Sciatica. This condition impairs the functioning of the vertebrae and stiffens the back region.

Probable Risk Factors of Sciatica

With our fast-paced careless lifestyles, acquiring diseases has become more common than before. There are certain factors that heighten the risk of being inflicted by this condition. Hence, it’s best to be cautious if you are dealing with any of these issues.

  1. Old Injuries- If you have ever dealt with an injury in your lower back or Spinal Cord region.
  2. Aging- This brings with it many health concerns, one among which is Sciatica.
  3. Extra Kilos- Your body weight is anchored by the Spinal crane. Hence the heavier a person is, the more the Spinal cord is strained.
  4. A strenuous Physical Job- Lifting heavy- weighing items or even being seated for a long duration of time can cause back problems.
  5. Being Diabetic- A person suffering from diabetes is prone to nerve damage.
  6. A sedentary lifestyle- Even less exercise, could result in Sciatica.
  7. Smoking- The nicotine that’s present in tobacco has an adverse effect on the lower back region. It hampers the spinal tissue, weakens bones, and deteriorates the vertebral disks.

Treatment of Sciatica

The in-house remedies to treat Sciatica include the usage of cold or hot packs which ever offers relief. Even a series of stretches can be incorporated to strengthen the back. Another option to get yourself treated is to take an appointment at CMRA Bengaluru. Sciatica is treated with the implementation of Physio Fusion Therapy. It is treated without the usage of drugs and electromagnetic waves. The condition is treated by eliminating the root cause of the problem.  In the course of the present situation, we at CMRA Bengaluru have a set of Health and Safety Protocols to ensure the safety of our patients. Come, heal yourself, and seek happiness.